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Ton Yi Industrial Corporation is a member of Uni-President Group-the largest food processing conglomerate in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1969, Ton Yi is one of the few manufacturers in the world who has successfully consolidated its upstream, mid-stream and downstream tin plate production. Recently, in coordination with the Uni-President Group’s development plan, Ton Yi gets into the production of PET packaging materials and beverage filling so as to provide more comprehensive products and services to customers. Through all such efforts as a whole, Ton Yi has become a leading integrated manufacturer of general packaging materials and also performs beverage filling.

For more than four decades, Ton Yi has been steadily growing due to the concerted efforts of its employees’ cooperation, honesty and diligence. With roots in Taiwan, we have actively expanded our overseas production and sales locations and have successively set up plants in China and Vietnam. The major products of our company include tin mill black plates (TMBP), high-class super thin cold-rolled steel plates, tinplate and color printed tinplate, cans, PET bottle lids and beverage filling (PET bottle and Tetra Pak). The running of our business is diversified so as to provide healthy, safe, hygienic and appealing packing material, and also to provide high-quality and thin-gauge cold rolled plates for electronic parts and appliances and for galvanization. Furthermore, we also produce PET bottle lids, blank bottles as well as set up the all-in-one plants to fill beverages into PET bottles with advanced aseptic filling technology. In this case, we could provide our customers with products in integrated operation from packaging containers to catering of drinks.

Given our core competence in the production of packaging materials and beverage containers, along with the introduction of state-of-the-art technology, facilities and management system, we look forward to the future. We will continue to innovate in technology, nurture our talents, consolidate and capitalize on our “technology competency” advantage in packaging and beverage production in order to establish a distinguished and vertically integrated process. The key consideration with regards to the location of our factories is to facilitate the most optimal logistical solution to let our major strategic partners focus on managing their branding and sales development, jointly creating a win-win partnership hand in hand with our partners.

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