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Ton Yi Industrial Corporation was established at Yong Kang, Tainan in 1969. Initially named “Ton Yi Agriculture Industrial Corporation”, the company was engaged in poultry meat processing and selling. Following the economic developments of Taiwan, Ton Yi actively restructured and expanded its investments. Moreover, adopting top-of-the-line techniques, equipments and holding the management strategy of being centered in Taiwan as well as extending to Asia Pacific region, Ton Yi has become the largest manufacturer of tinplate in Taiwan and the leading company, one of the few companies that can handle all stages of tin plate manufacturing from black plates to tin cans in the region.
Ton Yi continues to invest and expand business in diversified products while facing the changing market. And the company is dedicated to integrate all resources to be contributed to the society through improving corporate profits, social welfare. In viewing of corporate responsibility, environmental protection is very important and we are committed to eco-friendly and green technology.

Ton Yi can be summarized in the following stages:

  • In response to the growing beverage markets in China, the Company teamed up with Uni Corporation to set up eight production bases for PET packaging materials and beverage filling respectively in “Zhangzhou Fujian”, “Taizhou Jiangsu”, “Huizhou Guangdong”, “Kunshan Jiangsu”, “Beijing City”,“Zhanjiang Guangdong”, and “Wenjiang Chengdu Sichuan”.
    Through such efforts, we will upgrade Ton Yi from the sole focus on metallic packaging industry to expand into PET bottle packaging materials and drinks and to transform itself into a comprehensive packaging material giant.
  • As the economy was developed as a surprising pace in China, the Company set up production lines in Guangzhou, Wuxi and Zhangzhou, expanding canning and tinplate production lines at a secured pace, taking the leading position of the tinplate industry in entire Asia.
  • Ton Yi is committed to global deployment with roots in Taiwan. We set up a plant in Taiwan to manufacture tin mill black plates (TMBP) and had successfully integrated the upstream, midstream and downstream tin plate systems. Furthermore, we have actively expanded our overseas production and already set up a can production plant in Vietnam and two tinplate mills in China, i.e., “Jiangsu Ton Yi Tinplate Co., Ltd.” and “Fujian Ton Yi Tinplate Co., Ltd.”. They have started commercial production and operation during this period.
  • As Taiwan economy was growing at a stable pace, the commercialized society gradually came into being. The Company began interchanges with the international community and brought up-to-date technology & know-how from Japanese counterparts. The Company newly set up a tinplate plant. The Company’s stocks were officially listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC) on January 29, 1991.
  • Amidst economic takeoff in Taiwan, the Company additionallyset up iron printing mill, canning plant and an angle can plant.
    The Company was rechristened “Ton Yi Industrial Corp.” while the board of directors elected Mr. Chin- Yen Kao as the Chairman. Just during the transforming phase, the Company launched merger with “Tung Yi Industrial Co., Ltd.”—a woven PP bag manufacturer, to augment the Company’s business horizons to officially land in the packaging material industry.
  • Initially named “Ton Yi Agriculture Industrial Corporation”, the company with Uni-President Enterprise Corp., as its principal shareholder was engaged in poultry meat processing and selling. The poultry came from those breeders who had contracts to buy Uni-President’s feeds. During this period, Ton Yi was the pioneer of frozen meat business in Taiwan.

Corporate Vision

Ton Yi, one of few companies capable of producing tin mill black plates and the sole company being awarded by JIS of Japan a certificate for tinplate quality outside Japan, is a tinplate supplier that can provide vertically integrated technical service for drink, food and can makers. The company holds international certificates of JIS, ISO9001 and ISO14001. Starting from 2000, the company began mass-produced cold rolled plate of thin gauge with the most excellent quality among this industry. In this changing economic environment, technology and product advantage enable the company to gain a better position in the market.

Perspective and planning

The coming of the new century brings us a new vision of beauty, and at the same time the company will take more responsibility to accept challenges ahead. The company will consistently stick to its idea and make the most of its advantages of technology and quality, make efforts for continuous growth and development with firm confidence and strength. Faced with the impact and trial of time, the company will strive to become the best in the industry and become the best in the industry and become a first-rate global enterprise.
The company will continue R & D for innovation, cultivate high-tech professionals, and manufacture the best quality products, so as to take the lead in the industry; enhance global marketing, make diversified and foreign investment, expand the range of business activities, so as to establish a firm foundation for running business; and do whatever it can to realize its ideal and vision and expects full support from the customers.

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