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The JIS Mark by Japanese Eeonomie Department which means the symbol of the best quality

JIS means the Japanese Industrial Standard. JIS leads quality management into admitted plants to improve the physiology of business and to promote the quality of all admitted plants to achieve the effect mentioned below:

  • To transmit market intelligence correctly and quickly. To accumulate technology.
  • To accumulate technology.
  • To make management skill clearly and management activity easily.
  • To utilize statistic methods.
  • To reduce kinds of the spare parts and material.
  • To stabilize and promote the quality.
  • To reduce the cost.

After our two tin plate production line operated in 1985 and 1990, we continue to adopt strict quality controls, standardization and computerization, and other in-house measures to upgrade quality and technological levels, and meet the variant needs of customers. To approve the quality control system being fulfilled international standard, we applied to Japanese Economic Department for JIS Mark early in October 1992. Ton Yi honored the JIS Mark which means the symbol of the best quality in December 1992 under the technicians’ strict examination. Thus, Ton Yi became the first company which honored the JIS Mark of tin plate product besides Japan in the world. It not only represents the honor of Ton Yi Industrial Corp., but also shows that domestic industry can strengthen their own internal management and quality management to produce tinplate keeping pace with the products of the best quality in the world.

It had been examined strictly to apply for JIS Mark, especially, there are still many control regulations to be obeyed continuously. For example, we must report to Japanese Economic Department about production and quality condition, and should to be re-examined every there years. So we have to obey JIS regulation constantly, implement quality control and standardization to achieve good effect, or the JIS Mark will be canceled at any time.

Ton Yi then reacquired a new JIS certificate by Japan Quality Assurance Organization on Aug 20th 2008. It shows the style of Ton Yi which improves regularly and fulfils the quality control.

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