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CNS Mark Certification

The purpose of CNS Mark Certification System is to implement commodity inspection measures to ensure the products meeting Taiwan’s national standards. Obtaining the CNS Mark is guaranteed the highest quality of the product and also ensures the quality management system of manufacturer to conform to the ISO 9001(CNS1281). Besides, the products are subject to unannounced inspections of The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) annually to ensure the quality of products being stable. By CNS Mark certification and recognition, some of the benefits to manufacturers and customers are as follows:

  • Obtaining the CNS Mark can be taken as an important indicator of possessing professional brand image. Also, it can communicate a positive message to customers and would beneficial to enhance the brand value.
  • Because our products comply with the national standards, it will maintain great credibility and feasibility with our customers.
  • Since our product specifications conform to national standards, we only need to check whether the product carrying CNS Mark or not during the acceptance test. In this case, we are able to save a lot of time, money and labor cost without examinations in great details.
  • Customers can easily purchase the appropriate products by identifying the CNS Mark. With the certification, the rights and interests of consumers will be protected.

Product Name Applicable to national standards CNS Mark Number
Tin Mill Black Plate(TMBP)

CNS 4155
Tinplate and Tin Mill Black Plate(TMBP)

No 8157
Tinplate CNS 4155
Tinplate and Tin Mill Black Plate(TMBP)
No 8155
Chromium Coated Tin Free Steel (TFS) CNS 11241
Chromium Coated Tin Free Steel (TFS)
No 8156
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