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For more than four decades, Ton Yi has been steadily growing due to the concerted efforts of its employees’ cooperation, honesty and diligence.


Today our business activities have been expanded to three business groups:

1. TMBP Division (production and sale of tin mill black plates and cold rolled coils), 
2. Tinplate Division (production and sale of tinplates and TFS, materials for a variety of cans and electronic parts),
3. Tin Can Division (production and sale of cans for various foods, drinks, greases, chemicals, etc.) The running of our business is diversified so as to provide healthy, safe, hygienic and good-looking packing material, and also to provide high-quality and thin-gauge cold rolled plates for electric and electronic parts and for galvanization.
  Furthermore, we also produce PET bottle lids, blank bottles as well as set up the all-in-one plants to fill beverages into PET bottles with advanced aseptic filling technology. In this case, we could provide our customers with products with products in integrated operation from packaging containers to catering of drinks.  

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Ton Yi, one of few companies capable of producing tin mill black plates and the sole company being awarded by JIS of Japan a certificate for tinplate quality outside Japan, is a tinplate supplier that can provide vertically integrated technical service for drink, food and can makers. The company holds international certificates of JIS, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Starting from 2000, the company began mass-produced cold rolled plate of thin gauge with the most excellent quality among this industry. In this changing economic environment, technology and product advantage enable the company to gain a better position in the market.

The company's strategy is to expand operation in related industries by aggressively introducing state-of-the-art technology, facilities and management system into its operation and recruit excellent professionals both from home and abroad to make the company become the best in the industry. With good running performance, unequaled confidence, well established foundation, it is strongly believed that the company is your most reliable partner in business.


We will make every endeavor in the future and expect full support from all of our clients.


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