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New Bottle Can’s Performance

It has been nearly 20 years since it was invented and it widely used by various products now.

1.The Can ‘s body is made of film-covered-aluminum.It has sold more than 20 billion cans since 2000.

2.More conform to food safety; More environmental-friendly. Deeply trusted by customers.

3.Suitable for various drinks and has various bottle types.Meet customer needs and future development.

4.The company can provide comprehensive beverage filling services to produce New BC.These factories are located in“Kunshan Jiangsu” and“Wuxi Jiangsu”.

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  • New Bottle Can’s Features

     Advantages of metal can + Resealing function + Various bottle types

     1.Advantages of metal can

        Create a Striking and High-End image through metallic luster.

        Airtight; light-blocking; Good fresh keeping.

        Can be recycled; Environmental friendly.

        Transmit heat well; Can be sold by heating.

    2.Resealing function

       •Easy to open and reseal as PET bottles.

       •The cap has anti-theft ring. Safe and secure.

    3.Various bottle types+ The added value

       •Spout: φ28mm/ φ38mm; Capacity: 290~500ml.

       •Be sterilized by a sterilization equipment to ensure safety. (e.g. Milk Products )

       •We can meet customers' printing requirements for high-precision design.
    also can choose to use non-printing cans with Shrinkable-film-labels or sticker -labels.

    4.Film-covered-aluminum body

       •Compared with the common Bottle Can, it reduces the risk of coating dissolution, 
           meets higher food safety requirements, and can be heated and drink hot.

    5.More environmental friendly

        Dry forming technology. There is no need to clean and drain water in the production process.

    New Bottle Can’s Quality assuranceThe added value

     1. We can detect the internal pressure of the can by An on-line pressure- sensitive detector.
           And also can detect the air tightness by Sound wave inspection machine before warehouse-out to ensure the quality of the product.

    New Bottle Can ‘s Quality assurance system

    Check all sterilized products before warehouse-out, New BC can be inspected by whole cartons, and not need to be unsealed. We can Improve work efficiency and reduce work load by this way.

    On - line quality assurance:

    filling pressure- sensitive detector A cooling tunnel OR sterilizing equipmentpressure- sensitive detector B

      The internal pressure of the filled product is detected by a pressure- sensitive detector.

    The products will be sterilized at high temperature and stored in warehouse for one week.

    Off - line quality assurance: warehouse Sound wave inspection machine warehouse-out

    Through Sound wave inspection machine to carry out the quality inspection of high-temperature sterilization products when warehouse-out.

     ( to prevent the contents from deteriorating due to minor leakage )

    2. Security (The added value)

    The bottom cover has explosion-proof function to ensure safety when internal pressure rises.

    The case on market

        (1). Re - sealable containers are usually not drunk up at once time;

        (2). After being unsealed, the contents likely to mix with microorganisms, and deteriorate after being placed for a long time. Leading to internal pressure rises, causing the container to burst and personal injury.

    Bottom covers explosion-proof function:

    The pressure can be released through the notch. So even the internal pressure rises, no personal injury will be caused.

    3. Sound wave inspection machine (The added value)

    Inspect by whole cartons. No need to unseal!

    (1). The probe sends EMP to subject through electromagnetic coil to make can’s bottom vibrate;

    (2). Collect the sound from vibration through microphone;

    (3). Amplify the collected sound by AMP and analyze the frequency and intensity;

    (4). Extract the Characteristics of frequency and judge the quality.

  • Caliber mm



    Capacity ml






    Type of Can


    Can Height mm






    Can Diameter mm






    Source of supply

    Import from Daiwa Can, Japan

    Made in Wuxi Tonyi Daiwa, China

  • For more information, please contact:

    Chen Wen Cheng

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